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Preserved Roses: Have the opportunity to enjoy our real roses frozen in time. We stopped the clock for our preserved roses to experience our Preserved Roses Deluxe Collection timelessly. *Avoid direct sunlight, dust, water or excessive heat. 


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    The One Eternal Rose

    SKU: PR001.
  • Eternal Roses Acrylic Box (9 Roses)

    SKU: PR002.
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  • Eternal Roses Acrylic Box (16 Roses)

    SKU: PR003.
    $220.00 Select options
  • Eternal Roses Acrylic Box (25)

    SKU: PR004.
    $320.00 Select options
  • Preserved Roses Mirror Bouquet

    SKU: PR005.
    $165.00 Select options
  • Eternal Roses Mirror Bouquet (9 Roses)

    SKU: PR006.
    $125.00 Select options
  • Beauty and the Beast Eternal Rose

    SKU: PR007.
    $125.00 Select options
  • Gold Rose and Preserved Roses

    SKU: PR008.
    $225.00 Select options
  • Eternal Roses Round Box

    SKU: PR009.
    $220.00 Select options
  • Heart Box Eternity Roses

    SKU: PR010.
    $320.00 Select options
  • Gold Red Infinity Roses

    SKU: PR013.
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  • Ferrero Forever Roses

    SKU: PR014.
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